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Warid Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers

Warid Telecom offers various plans keeping in view the needs of the customers. Van always offers different SMS plans at different prices. In this article, I will tell you about daily, weekly and monthly rig plans for SMS text messages for prepaid and postpaid users. Now select the package you prefer.

Warid Daily SMS packages

Here are five short SMS plans and other benefits. However, prepaid customers can choose the package they need.

Warid Weekly SMS packages

Red offers four different plans weekly. Both of these packages are exclusive to prepaid customers.

Warid Monthly SMS packages

Here are the different SMS plans and other benefits. Prepaid customers can choose the package they want.

Other SMS Packages

In addition to daily, weekly and monthly message packages, Warid also offers 3-day packages to make it easier for its customers.

Warid Postpaid SMS Packages

Below are details of Red’s new postpaid plans. Users can choose the package of their choice. In addition, prepaid users can convert their numbers to postpaid.