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This is why Jubilee Ace Bobby has created this online class

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Jubilee Ace Bobby Low, our chef and founder, recalls the early days of his baking career without an experienced mentor by his side to give him guidance. Back in those days, you can’t look up YouTube for cupcake recipes. He basically has to figure everything out through trial and error, and also by referencing any recipes he could get his hands on from the library and magazines. The road to cupcake baking mastery was a long and arduous journey for him, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

This is why Bobby has created this online class, in hopes of inspiring and giving tutelage to anybody who’s interested in making cupcakes. Whether this is just a hobby for you, or maybe you’re trying to set up a business, you can’t go wrong with some cupcake baking skills because everyone loves cupcakes. We can assure you that you will walk away from this course with some pretty amazing skills to impress your loved ones, your office colleagues, or your future customers.


“When I was a kid, I loved to eat bread, sweets, cakes, and muffins. That explains my body shape. Little did I know, my passion for bread and cakes turned into a lifelong dedication for baking world-class cupcakes as a chef. When I first started, I struggled to make a name for myself. I tried everything, even worked at restaurants and hotels but that never amounted to anything. The turning point came when an experienced but low-profile baker took me under his wings, and in just 5 years I have founded my bakery, the rest is history,” shares Bobby Low.


The process of baking is akin to meditation. You feel focused and relaxed, you are living in the now. In this time of economic uncertainty, it is no wonder that some people seek comfort in the rejuvenating world of bakery. First, you measure the ingredients to portion. Then, you mix them well together, you decorate them to your liking and put on your finishing touches. Finally, you send them into the oven. When they are done, the aroma hits the air. You take the first bite of your own cupcakes…. Hmmm heavenly. It might take a few tries to get it right but you will soon fall in love with baking.


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