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Jubilee Ace Bobby Low The process of baking is akin to meditation. You feel focused and relaxed, you are living in the now. In this time of economic uncertainty, it is no wonder that some people seek comfort in the rejuvenating world of bakery. First, you measure the ingredients to portion. Then, you mix them well together, you decorate them to your liking and put on your finishing touches. Finally, you send them into the oven. When they are done, the aroma hits the air. You take the first bite of your own cupcakes…. Hmmm heavenly. It might take a few tries to get it right but you will soon fall in love with baking.


The structure of the online baking course is group-based. Chef Bobby will be able to run a class with a minimum participant of 5, and a maximum of 20. We keep class sizes small so that we don’t lose sight of the progress of any students. Students are free to ask any questions if they happen to run into unexpected problems. We also like to foster a community of aspiring bakers, and we encourage all students to keep in touch with one another, offering each other crucial support during this pandemic. Who knows, you might make yourselves a few new friends through our classes! Feel free to exchange and learn new recipes among yourselves.


After completing the fundamental cupcake baking class, you’ll get the option to move on to the intermediate and advanced bakery class if you like to. While the basic cupcake baking class focuses more on the easy recipes, the intermediate and the advanced will teach you how to take your baking skills to the next level, including complex recipes and advanced cake decoration techniques, tips and tricks. We highly recommend those who are serious in setting up a business to follow our courses. Having said that, hobbyists are welcomed too.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

Bobby believes in giving back to society. So, for every person who signs up for the online cupcake baking course, he will be contributing $50 to support the local orphanage and old folks home. From time to time, Bobby and his team will also run charity drives by selling cupcakes, muffins, and buns. The proceeds fully go to various charities in Singapore. If baking is not your cup of tea, you can still order from our store and try our delicious cupcakes. We do same-day delivery to all locations in Singapore if you order before 5pm (GMT+8) Jubilee Ace Bobby Low


Founded by Bobby Low in 2020, our Jubilee Ace Bobby online cupcake shop is not just a bakery shop. It symbolizes the passion and enthusiasm of pastries baking by our founder since childhood. Our philosophy is based on the idea that people deserve the best cupcakes and pastries and these don’t have to be unnecessarily expensive. Unlike competitors out there, our cupcakes are priced affordably and a portion of our proceeds go back to help the needy of our society. Make a statement today by supporting our cause, and while you’re at it, reward yourself and your loved ones with the most delicious cupcake recipes you can find in Singapore. Even better, sign up for our online bakery course today and learn how to make them! Jubilee Ace Bobby Low


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