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Hands care tips

Hands care tips

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Our hands are very busy all day. The amount of work our hands end up exposes them to a variety of elements, making our palm rough, rough, and dry.some hands care tips can help us to protect our hands. If you are wondering how to permanently soften rough hands, you do not need to see a dermatologist or doctor right away.just fallow the hands care tips . Nature has provided us with many ingredients that, when used in the right way, can help you revive your hands and make them smooth and smooth.

What makes your hands dry?

Dry skin occurs mostly due to environmental factors. In some cases, some health and irritation conditions can cause your skin or hands to unusually dry. The main causes include:
Weather: You must have noticed that your hands (and the rest of your body) tend to dry out in the winter. The cold season makes the air dry. As a result, your hands cannot hold moisture, which makes it dry.
Environmental irritants / working conditions: People who wash their hands several times a day with strong antiseptics are more likely to dry hands. Those who spend a lot of time washing dishes tend to dry hands. Surfactants in soaps and soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils, making your hands very dry.
Certain medical conditions: Medical conditions such as lupus and diabetes that affect blood flow to the extremities can also dry your hands. Other skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can also dry your hands.
Although dry hands are common, it’s easy to restore your health. We’ve listed some of the natural methods below that can treat dry hands in most cases.

How to get hands smoother naturally

1. Vaseline
2. Coconut oil
3. Oatmeal
4 egg yolks
5. Peel the sugar
6. Honey
7. Cactus
8. Almond oil

1- Use some aloe vera extracts

Aloe vera extract has long been an integral part of beauty products and has been used in commercial products and fast home remedies. As for keeping your hands soft, they are beneficial because they contain a good amount of sugars, which are used to keep the skin hydrated in a healthy way. Take some aloe vera gel and rub it well on your hands and rinse it after half an hour. Doing this twice a day can make your palm feel soft in a short time.

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2. Moisten your hands:

Use a good hand moisturizer and apply it to your hands at least three times a day after washing thoroughly. In summer, use a mild non-greasy moisturizer, and in winter choose something heavier like body butter. Winter tends to dry out the skin, so you can get extra hydration.

itgutio - Hands care tips3. Pamper your hands:

Enjoy manicure at least once a month. With a manicure, your hands are cleaned, peeled and massaged. It is a complete food that your hands get.

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4. Wash your hands:

When washing your hands, be sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water throughout the year. Hot or very cold water tends to damage the skin. Never use regular dish soap because it is hard on the skin and dries easily.

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5. A box of lemon peel, tomato and olive oil

Prevention is always better than treatment and doing it this summer is the best way to keep your hands healthy. The harsh sun can act on your skin and accelerate aging. Grind half a lemon juice, a little olive oil and a few slices of tomato to form a juice paste. Put this on your hands and rinse after 10 minutes before you go. The antioxidants in tomatoes help replenish your skin, while oil and lemon protect it from damage by aging, while maintaining the elastic nature of the hands.
Restoring the youthful softness of your hands is not as hard as it seems. With these quick and easy home remedies for soft hands, you can incorporate them into your daily skincare routine and start seeing effects within days.

6. scrub:

Rub your hands at least once a week with a good scrub to remove any dead skin. No time to buy one? Make one at home. Take a teaspoon of fine sugar and olive oil and mix well with half a lemon juice. If you want to try something different, add a drop of EO and your favorite voila! You have a homemade peeler.
Tip: You can also use this scrub without olive oil. If you use oil, wash your hands with mild soap and lukewarm water. If you use it without olive oil, simply wash your hands with lukewarm water and allow it to dry.

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7. Massage:

Rub your hands at night for at least five minutes to allow moisture to absorb the benefits. For very hard hands, mix your moisturizer with a little petroleum jelly so they are protected overnight.

8. Protect your hands:

When washing dishes, working in the garden, or performing any task that allows your hand to interact with chemicals, grease, or dirt, be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.


9. Coil and cutting of nails:

When saving your nails, lift them in one direction instead of rocking. Swinging motion can separate nail layers, and if water passes through these layers, they may peel off the nails. Cut your nails at least once every two weeks, or as needed.

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10. Eat well:

What you eat is very important. Protein, vitamin B and vitamin E supplements should be part of your diet to get strong, healthy nails and keep your hands flexible and soft.

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